Rainbow's End Desserts Rainbow's End Desserts Rainbow's End Desserts Rainbow's End Desserts Rainbow's End Desserts Rainbow's End Desserts Rainbow's End Desserts Rainbow's End Desserts

Rainbow's End Desserts began in a small apartment over my garage in Binghamton, New York. Here is my story.

I had been working for several years as a waitress, also helping my Father with many of his property rehabilitations.

I was a mother of two working long hours and wanting to be home more with my children. I then had my third child who demanded much more of my attention. My husband and I agreed my place was home with the children. Wow, what a great deal, I'm finally able to stay home!!

I started entertaining more in my home for the lack of adult conversation, People loved to come, loved my cooking and I loved the compliments! I was a good mother and a good cook but… I wanted something more. So, I had more, one more, child that is!

I was a firm believer that things happen for a reason and I would have to put my dreams on hold and be more patient.

The reason came quickly.  My brother John, who lived around the corner from us, became ill with cancer. He would need my help, and, being just around the corner, I could and I did just that.


I would bring him dinner most nights, and help with his care giving. He loved food, and I loved cooking for him. He had worked in the food industry for years as a VP of sales at Sysco Foods in New York .We talked a lot about food; it seemed to keep us from talking about what was really going on. He would tell me the things I needed to do to get started in a catering business, or my own restaurant. I loved spending time with him.

In the last month of John's life, the subject changed .We no longer talked about food. His love for food seemed to subside. Instead, he talked about rainbows. Yes, Rainbows! He looked for them. He had everyone looking for them. He told me once we would have: "Rainbows coming out the ying yang!" He also told me… 'there's always hope"

 He spoke as if he knew something that I didn't…he seemed so passionate and hopeful.
 One of the last things John said to me was that I needed to “make more fudge”! It seemed so silly at the time, but really so simple and sweet, he passed away the next morning. Whenever I see a rainbow, I think of John, and the grace and courage he shared with me.

I started Rainbows End Desserts a few short months later in my garage apartment at my home. I serviced restaurants and many residential customers. They love my cakes and several of them are topped with the fudge, John had spoken of. I wanted these desserts to be the best. I became very passionate about just that. I love to take a favorite cake recipe, which is easy to prepare, and turn it into a completely different and decedent dessert all together.

It is fourteen years later and I continue to please the crowd.
My hope is that my passion for Rainbows End Desserts will become yours!

This cook book is dedicated to my brother John for inspiring me to write it!
“We're after the same Rainbows End, waitin round the bend my huckleberry friend Moon River and me”


Recipe book

Recipe book

In a new recipe book Laura has created and assembled more than one hundred fabulous dessert recipes, most of which (by design) are quite easy to make and have been field tested by a host of raving fans (see Testimonials).

Recipe book

Sample Recipes

There is a sample menu here of several very successful desserts to give you an idea of what you can expect from the book and also on another page of this site are a few sample recipes to try out. And be sure to come back for another visit and new recipes will be available on this page!